November 18, 2013 at 20:45

Why Have We Switched New Star Soccer to Free to Play?

FAQs for New Star Soccer Switch to Free to Play

We have received a number of questions and complaints about our decision to switch New Star Soccer from a premium game to a Free to Play version.

We hope that the following FAQ's help to answer those queries, but also feel free to contact us at as well !

1.    I already have purchased New Star Soccer before this update. Do I have to pay again ?

No - If you have paid the premium price earlier, the game will look for your save on the device and then will unlock the Pro License, the Pitch Pack, and your progress through the game will be able to be continued. If you have deleted the game from your device, prior to updating, and there is no longer a save available, please contact us at and we will resolve for you.

However, it is possible to pay additional money in game to progress faster, and build up more money and items quicker, but it is by no means necessary.

2.    I want to continue to play, but do not want to pay any further money. How do I do that ?

During the testing of the game, it was very important for us to be able to play the game without having to spend any money beyond the Pro License. It is perfectly possible to continue to enjoy the game without further payment. We have taken a non league club through to the premiership in 10 seasons without the need to spend any money. It is challenging, but the overwhelming feedback that we have had from our players is that the difficulty needs to be there.

We are gathering feedback from players at the moment, and it may very well be that we have made the game too difficult. This is an issue we are looking at and will make changes as necessary.

3.    Why have you switched to Free to Play ?

There have been a number of reasons for this decision as follows:

•    We made the decision to change the Android version of New Star Soccer from a premium title to a free to play one mainly to tie development of both the Android and iOS versions together which really helps future development and  allows more features, support and improvements in the future. The iOS version has always been free to play which has proved to be very popular with our fans. This meant that the new version on the Android market was in effect a different app. New Star Games is a one man coding team, so simplicity is important.
•    By switching to free, we are able to bring more players into the game. This will help to bring more feedback from more players to improve the experience and allow continued support and development of this game.

4.    But this change is just so that you can make more money ? Its just a money grabbing tactic isn't it ?

No - That is certainly not our intention. The vast majority of our customers on iOS enjoy the game as a free game with in App purchases and the reasons for changing the Android version are to do with practical support issues. And as noted, players that have already purchased the game should not need to spend any further money if they do not wish to.

We are looking at balancing issues and taking feedback from players. It may very well be that it turns out that we have made the game too difficult but please don't mistake making the game more challenging with money grabbing as that really is not our intention. We did see a similar reaction to the update on iOS initially but a lot of players have adjusted and like the improvements.

We do believe that this is an enhancement to the game, and we have strong evidence of that from the iOS update, but we also recognise that there could be a cause for genuine concern from customers so we will continue to look at the feedback and take that on board.

5.    What are the changes to the game ?

The update brings with it a lot of new content and changes to the game - The main new features are as follows.

New game content / changes:

•    Headers!
•    New boots! New Swerve feature added to premium boots.
•    New Energy Drink! (NRG Bolt - increases energy plus 3 relationships and 3 skills.)
•    Choose differently focussed play during matches – attacking, defensive or balanced.
•    Defenders now close you down whilst you aim your shot.
•    Replenish your energy during a game.
•    New lifestyle items to purchase.
•    Three save game slots.
•    Skills deteriorate over time, and the older you get, the more you have to keep on top of your skills.
•    Retirement option. Choose the optimal time to retire before your skills deteriorate and you start to ruin the memory of your past achievements. Includes career score and various achievements.
•    Additional commentary to add variety.
•    Hire a personal trainer, recover quicker, have more energy.
•    Get yourself an agent and improve your contracts!
•    New newspaper headlines, incidents etc.
•    All new game achievements.
•    All new audio.
•    New footballs each with their own attributes.
•    Lots of UI tweaks and improvements, short-cuts and time-savers.
•    New pre-match location screen.
•    New player awards (player of the year, young player of the year etc.)
•    Updated league structure information for new 2013-2014 football season.
•    Male / Female select!
•    New unlockable ‘hard mode’ for the seasoned veterans!
•    Night time matches.
•    Existing premium players can continue their career with the Pro License unlocked, and their progress saved.
•    Twitter and Facebook integration.
•    Full localisation for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian *NEW, Chinese *NEW, Japanese *NEW, Korean *NEW


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