August 24, 2012 at 11:05

Thumbstar Developer Biography - Mark Sample


Editorial Manager

Career History


I started in the games industry back in 1990 working on the wonderful Commodore 64 as an artist. In those days I had only 16 set colours to work with and really blocky pixels, it was a challenge making anything look good.

Since I began making games, I’ve done a bit of almost everything from - testing, design, production, voice recording and motion capture sessions to name a few. The variety is great and certainly helped round off my skills for the role I do now.

I’ve had the delight of working on some great titles over the years - Driver, Rocky, Prey, Bioshock and Driver San Francisco are just some of the highlights, the best are yet to come. All Hail Thumbstar!

Current Phone  

Sony Xperia S – It’s big, black, chunky and has a terrible keyboard – I like it. 

Favourite Games

Red Dead Redemption, Magic the Gathering, Front Mission and Resident Evil 4  

Currently Playing

ipad.jpg_effected.jpgI’m currently playing Clash of Clans on iOS and trying to finish Dead Space 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on my Xbox 360. However, on any given day I will be trying out at least 10 games on my iPad, I love games!




Favourite Movie 

All the Rocky movies.

Favourite Band

SID Tunes, XTC, and Pink Floyd. I’m too old to know who are the cool bands are these days. 

Favourite Place in the World 

South of France. I love the food, architecture and weather. C’est Bon!


Keep the change, you filthy animal… If you haven’t got a clue what I mean – Watch a movie called ‘Home Alone’ and look out for the spoof movie in it called ‘Angels with Filthy Souls’

Role Model/Hero

Batman: He’s cool, clever and doesn’t need super powers to get the job done. – sounds like me. ;)



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