October 8, 2012 at 16:23

The making of Grumble and Piccolo's Fishing Trip

Can you tell us a little about your gaming background, Mark?

I’m the Designer of Grumble & Piccolos Fishing Trip. I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and have been lucky enough to have worked on some of the biggest game franchises in the world helping to design a few No.1 console titles. 

Why did you choose to move into mobile gaming? Have you been doing it long?

Fishing Trip will actually be the third mobile game I’ve worked on but the first I’ve designed for mobile. I think there is no doubt that mobile is currently the best place to sell games as not only are the coding applications easily accessible, but the ability to get your game out there and into players’ hands quickly is also straightforward. I still think we have a lot to learn regarding the dynamics of the app store but the great thing about mobile development is that you can quickly adapt to suit.

Grumble and Piccolo are adorable characters. Tell us about them.

They may look cute but these penguins are lethal fishing machines and the duo have invented a variety of fishing gadgets in order to even up the odds and allow them to get back to their port before the sun sets.


This isn’t just any match-3 game. It feels quite different. What did you do to make it stand out from the crowd?

Fishing Trip plays very differently from other match-3 games. Much more than an iteration, I’d say it’s more like a reinvention of the genre. To be honest as a gamer I’ve never been a big fan of simple match-3 games since I find the act of staring at the screen in order to find that lucrative match rather passive and tedious. Fishing Trip allows interaction with the grid letting the player adapt the screen for their benefit leading to a more tactical based play experience. The ability to be able to drop gadgets into the water combined with the constant threat of the deadly sea mines completely shifts the style of gameplay.

studiob.jpgTell us about the highs and lows of making games.

To be part of a relatively quick turnaround of titles is great for my personal experience as I always learn something new during development as each cycle is slightly different. I don’t believe there is any downside to working on mobile games, as a creative person it’s an ideal working environment.


What’s next for Grumble & Piccolo?

We already have a concept for a new Grumble & Piccolo adventure, a spin-off idea that emerged during the development of Fishing Trip. I can’t really say much about it at the moment as things may change as we start playing with the prototype and iterate the gameplay


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