July 11, 2013 at 19:20

New Characters Await you in a MASSIVE Update of Talisman® Prologue on iOS and Android – for FREE!

Talisman Prologue, the game in which you take on the role of an heroic adventurer, building up your strength, wisdom, and wealth in a quest for glory, is set for an exciting expansion. Each of the new characters comes with new skills and powers bringing a complete new dimension to the game. Each character has its own Magical Quest so new adventures await you in this award winning singleplayer adaptation of the classic board game!

Whats New:


Brave and battle-hardened, she gets a second chance at a battle if she loses or has a stand-off, and she has more choices of movement when traveling around the board.


What the Leprechaun lacks in brute strength, he makes up for in the ability to raise a supply of gold quickly and his ability teleport anwhere on the board (in his current region)  on the role of a six!


This brutish powerhouse of a character stampedes around the board taking out anything in his way, being able to add his movement roll result to his Strength for any battles.


The wise, old Sage has some interesting abilitites which make use of his higher knowledge. He can look at the top cards of the Adventure and Spell decks whenever he likes, which could affect your decision to move to a draw card space or avoid one!


The dainty Sprite is one of the best spell-casters in Talisman. Her small size and low Strength disguise her power and usefulness as a spell-caster. She can also evade creatures in the Woods and Forest, meaning no nasty encounters with the Forest Brigand.

Vimpire Hunter

Garbed in crosses and loaded with multiple stakes and vials of holy water, the Vampire Hunter is ready for business, and her business is to hunt the spawn of Evil that prowl the realm by night. Because vampires and spirits are as likely to engage in deadly psychic combats as they are in battles, the Vampire Hunter balances her training between both of them, making her one of the most balanced and lethal among the game's hunters.

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