July 5, 2012 at 13:29

Mylodon Games Interview - Making Clumsy Pirates

What is your history in the games industry?

Mylodon is an indie game studio based in Santiago, Chile. I think we are a growing company that is focused on developing fun, smart, casual games for mobile platforms with a mighty team committed to deliver the best games they can! Our first years of operation consisted mostly in developing games for other companies, but recently besides working on outsourced projects, we have been developing original ideas and game concepts in order to begin publishing our own IP with the help of Thumbstar. 

Which games are your favourites?

We love to play mobile games. Some of the last games that we were playing this year and that we found particularly good are: Superbrothers, Beat Sneak, Tiny Wings, Ski Safari, Lume, Run Roo Run... and so many others! We are always playing mobile games especially from indie developers.

Is there a game that was the turning point for you that made you want to work in the industry as opposed to just playing games?

I think for most people of Mylodon team this is a childhood dream. We have not only played games as gamers, we have also dreamed with the idea of making our own games when we were kids.

What's the best thing about developing for mobile? 

We think that with mobile we can create games for a bigger audience. The kind of casual games like Clumsy Pirates it’s just something that everyone can play at any time! You don’t need to sit down or spend much time playing, the mechanics are so simple and fun that you can go back whenever you want and remember how to play... 

Where did the idea for Clumsy Pirates come from?

At the beginning Clumsy Pirates was conceived as a puzzle game without the pirate setting. We had the idea for the mechanic and we developed a prototype with just squares that worked perfect. Our plan was to develop a simple but challenging puzzle game. The first incarnation of this game was “Attic Boom” where a plumber would try to save a building by getting rid of the bombs inside, trying to survive through a maze of ladders, holes, fire and many other obstacles.


The soul of the game was already there, the mechanics were good, but we still thought that something was missing in the setting and the art of the game, something was not right. That is how we created Billy The Mop, a funny and cool pirate that must save the ship because some drunk pirates left the bombs.


The character is amazing, it fixed perfectly in the game mechanic and the whole idea. So we decided to carry on with the pirate concept and then we worked on the art of the pirate ships.


We spent a great deal of time polishing and optimizing each of the 96 levels of the game and adding new features and interesting mechanics. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys our game as much as we loved making it.

It's hard to create puzzle games and get the balance of difficulty right how did you go about this?

We design the levels based on certain rules derived from the analysis of other games. We always want to maintain the mechanics and playability simple, and keep a clear objective. In order to do this we must find the balance between how easy and how frustrating it is the game to give a good challenge. These keys factors allowed us to generate many levels and mechanics for Clumsy Pirates. We actually created a set of 400 levels more less, then we selected the best 96 for the first release of the game.

You must be really good at Clumsy Pirates! Do you have any tips for us?

Yes.. :) After playing every level dozens of times, you just get to a point of tremendous expertise. I think the key is to observe the level before starting it, and to always “be aware that you can change a leader for a bubble to not change the direction of Billy the Mop”.

What are your plans for the future?

We still are working on more levels for Clumsy Pirates. We have a lots of ideas and sets of new mechanics that are going to be introduced later in updates of the game. There are more fun coming soon!. Also we are in pre production of two upcoming titles.


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