Fridge Words


Fridge Words is a multiplayer word game that absolutely anyone can play! Each match you and your friend begin with the same set of alphabet fridge magnets and have two minutes to make as many high scoring words from them as possible.

Fridge Words is easy and intuitive to play - just slide the alphabet magnets around the fridge like you would in real life! You can even rotate some of the letters and use them to make new words. No p’s available… no problem, just rotate a d! Also, keep an eye out for silver and gold magnets and be sure to use them wisely as they multiply your word score! 

Your most important tool when playing Fridge Words is your vocabulary, but that’s not all you need… There is also a lot of room for strategy and clever play too! How will you fit all of your words on the fridge? How will you use your silver and gold letters? Could rotating a letter give you a better word? 

Fridge Words is the world’s coolest word game!


World’s coolest word game - brand new fridge based word game

Play with friends - connect wth friends on Facebook across ios devices

Touch, slide, drop, spin - use intuitive letter controls to form words

Time boosters & extra letters - strategically outwit your opponent

Game Centre leaderboards -  be the best in the world




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