Drag Tag Smash



Drag Tag Smash successfully fuses action, music and puzzle elements together to create a simple, fun and pick-up and play game. The game’s goal is to drag the sphere to tag the invaders to smash them to smithereens. 

Players must figure out how to use the sphere to break gaps in the enemy lines, using the game’s simple physics, to then ultimately score trillions as the game prides itself on its unique 3-tiered scoring system. This measures combinations of enemies tagged, totals of enemies destroyed and player ingenuity in dodging bullets. Drag Tag Smash also features a dynamic electro soundtrack, which builds up with intensity, emotion and variety the more the player tags enemies to destroy them.


• Infinitely spawning enemies for infinitely massive scores

• Score trillions with the Smash Score System

• Post to Facebook to impress your friends

• Retro-Electro soundtrack is amped up by destroying enemies

• Difficulty changes dynamically depending upon your actions

• Instant action with simple pick-up and play controls



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