Frequently Asked Questions

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The Adorables

Can I clear my saved data and start the game again?
Yes, to do this go to the options menu and click the Question Mark icon, this brings up the About Screen; on this screen you can press the Trashcan icon to erase your saved game dat Warning - Once your Game Data is deleted you cannot get it back!
How can I get a higher score?
The faster you hit pins the higher your multiplier raises, by default it is at x1, but hitting two pins quickly raises it to x2, hitting a third peg in quick succession takes it to x3 and so on. The highest the Multiplier can reach is x10. When you have a multiplier active you will see that the score than pops out of each pin will be shown as “100 x 5” this means that you have earned 500 points for that pin hit.
How can I turn the music off?
In the options menu you can turn the Music On/Off by pressing the Musical Note icon, when the icon is pink it means the music is on, when it is grey it means the music is off.
How can I turn the sound effects off?
In the options menu you can turn the Sound Effects On/Off by pressing the Speaker icon, when the icon is pink it means the Sound Effects are on, when it is grey it means the Sound Effects are off.
How can I turn the visual effects off?
In the options menu you can turn the Visual Effects On/Off by pressing the Stars icon, when the icon is pink it means the Visual Effects are on, when it is grey it means the Visual Effects are off. Turning off the visual effects is a great way to increase the performance of the game on older devices; the effects that are turned off are only superficial and will not affect the gameplay.
How do I access the options screen?
On the main menu you can access the options screen by pressing the orange ‘Cog’ icon.
How do I earn more time?
You can earn yourself more time to complete the level by collecting the clock pickups that appear during the course of each level. Each clock you collect adds 10 seconds to your timer bar. You also earn a bit more time each time your Adorable changes colour, when it changes from green to orange you are given an extra 15 seconds and when it changes from Orange to Purple you are given an extra 10 seconds.
How do I earn rainbows?
There is a rainbow available to earn on each Level, to earn the rainbow you have to collect the seven individually coloured rainbows scattered around the level. The rainbow pickups appear one at a time, collecting the Red Rainbow reveals the Orange Rainbow, collecting the Orange Rainbow reveals the Yellow Rainbow and so on. The sequence of the rainbow pickups is as follows; Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Blue and then Purple.
How do I earn Stars?
There are three stars to earn on each level the Green Star, the Orange Star and the Purple Star. You earn the stars by turning all of the pins in the level to the same colour as the star.
How do I launch the Adorable?
To start each level you must ‘launch’ the Adorable, to do this you can press on the Adorable and drag it left and right until you are happy with its position and then swipe your finger upwards to send it flying into the air. Alternatively you can simply tap on the Adorable.
How do I move the Adorable left and right?
To move the Adorable left and right you can tilt your device left or right, the further you tilt to either side the more the ball moves in that direction. Alternatively, if you position the beam to the left or right of the Adorable it will be pushed slightly in the direction.
How do I pause the game during a Level?
There is a pause button in the top centre of the screen which will pause the game when pressed, however for ease we have made it so that pressing the screen anywhere along the top edge will in fact pause the game.
How do I select a level?
Choose which level (from 1 - 12) you would like to play and press on its icon. The level will then start after a brief loading screen.
How do I select a world?
Swipe Left and Right to move between the five worlds (Evergreen Peaks, Dusty Planes, Leafy Valley, Adora Islands and Twilight Ice Fields), when you have picked which world you would like to play press on its icon.
How do I start the game?
Launch the game and press the play button (Big Blue Triangle)
How do I use the Beam?
To activate the Beam simply touch the screen and it will turn on and position it’s self underneath your finger, when you take your finger of the screen the beam will deactivate.
What causes my multiplier to reset?
If you fail to hit another peg quickly enough in succession your multiplier is reset to x1, you can see how long you have left to hit the next pin by looking at the blue pips around the Adorables portrait in the top left corner. When you hit a pin all of the blue pips light up, they then start to turn off one at a time around the edge of the portrait, if they all turn off you lose your multiplier. Simply keep hitting pins in time to stop them turning out completely.
What do I need Rainbows for?
Earning rainbows unlocks special artwork for you to view in the games Gallery; you can access the gallery by pressing the Picture Frame icon on the main menu.
What do I need Stars for?
Earning the Green Star on a level unlocks the next Level in that World for you to play, so to progress through a world you will have to earn at least the Green Star on each Level.
What does the Beam do?
You use the beam to move the Adorable around the level, when the Adorable is in the beam it will be pushed upwards, the longer the Adorable remains in the beam the faster it will move upwards.
What does the number in the top right of the screen represent?
This number is your score for this level; you earn score by hitting pegs and creating Auroras. You can see how much you get for each pin hit in the number that pops out of it upon impact.
What is the Bar at the top of the Screen for?
The bar at the top of the screen is the Timer Bar and indicates how much time you have left to complete the level, as time passes the bar depletes, once the bar is empty the Adorable bursts into light and the level is complete.
What is the objective of the game?
The aim of the game is to guide the Adorable around the level using the Beam/Tilt Control to hit all of the Pins. Hitting the Pins awards you Stars and creates auroras, which unlock the next level. The Adorables love to create auroras in the night’s sky and they have the power to create a green, orange and a purple aurora in each level they visit, these combine to create beautiful aurora displays under which they sing and dance until the sun comes up.
Why are some of the levels locked?
If the level icon is greyed out and has a padlock icon next to it, it is locked. To unlock a level you must earn at least a Green Star on the level that precedes it. So to unlock level 4 you must earn at least a green star on level 3.
Why do the Pins change colour when I hit them?
The Pins change from white to the colour of the Adorable when hit. The Adorable starts off as green so hitting the white pins turns them green, turning every pin to the same colour resets them to white and when this happens the Adorable changes its colour. The colour sequence for each Adorables is Green, Orange and Purple.