Frequently Asked Questions

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Skyrise Runner

How can I use the Coins that I won at the end of the game?
The Coins are useful for buying a lot of amazing items at the store. These items improve your results and change the gameplay. Some items grant you a different experience of fun by playing the game in a new way.
How can I use the Consumable items?
After buying them at the store, the Consumables are available at the beginning of each run. The three Boosts can be used any time, but the Extra Life can only be activated during the first few seconds.
How can I use the Equipment’s items?
You can use the Equipments by buying them at the store and then touch the Equip button at the item window. You can also unequip it by touching the same button.
How do I get Coins?
The Coins you get are based on how many Crystals you collect during the game and how many Missions you complete. At the end of each run, all the crystals you got are transferred into Coins and each completed Mission awards you with 200 Coins.
So if I die, can I have another chance? How does this work?
Yes. This is the last Consumable. If you bought the Blessed Fairy at the store, when you die, a pop-up will ask you if you want to use the power of the fairy. Saying yes, the game will automatically respawn you at the beginning of the platform where you died before.
What are the spiked-purple crystals floating over the game?
The purple crystals are a special power-up that grants you invulnerability for 5 seconds. This pick-up grants you the time to stop worrying about the enemies and focus on collecting the crystals.
What are those "Tiers" that all the equipment has?
Tiers are like the levels of each item. Every time you buy a new Tier, you are upgrading your equipment a level, so the higher your Tier is, the stronger the equipment is.
What is the difference between Red and the Blue Crystals?
The Blue Crystals grant only 1 coin and Red Crystals grant 3 coins.
What is this "Dash!" that the Amulet of Strength changes with my ability?
When you got the Amulet of Strength your ability Nature's Touch is switched to Nature's Dash. This new ability transforms the Skyrise Runner into a blue comet that pushes him a few meters and also neutralizes any enemies in front of him. It's a stunning skill that can save you from tricky deaths and changes the way you play the game.
Why should I buy the Tribal Mask?
The Tribal Mask is a new way of playing the game. When you got it, the chances to find a power-up are improved, so you will be able to concentrate more on the Crystals and pay less attention to the enemies along your run. Besides that, your chance to get the Eagle Form is increased too, so it's extra meters and also extra Coins!