Frequently Asked Questions

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Premier Manager

Can I change the language in the game?
No, the language used is selected by the language your device is set to.
Can I have my scout look at countries and teams as well as individual players?
Yes, they can look at teams, players and countries. This is done by opening the Hub and going to the Scout tab and selecting the Research option. Tapping on one of the Empty boxes and then deciding what position, country, team or club you want researched. Note the larger the search the more time it will take to complete.
Can I manage national teams?
No, only league teams from England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Scotland.
How do I access the Hub?
You do this by tapping in the bottom left of the screen, it is the circle image with arrows rotating inside. The Hub has all of the main tabs and sections to Premier Manager, the Manager sections, Coach, Physio and much more.
How do I buy a player?
To buy a player go to the Hub and select Club. Choose the Country the player is from then choose the Division the player’s team is in. Then choose the Team by double tapping. From the list locate the player you want and double tap his name. This will bring up the Player Fact File. At the top left is the player name underlined. Tap and hold the underlined name and this will bring up an options menu. Choose the option you want from the sub menu. Not all players are for sale at any given time. You can also find player fact files by going to the Manager tab off the Hub and selecting Player Search and filtering the option to find a player.
How do I change the match type from Match Engine to Result only?
You can change the game settings by opening the Hub and going to the Options tab, then click the Game Settings option and tap on the “View results only” tap box to the right. A cross in this section means the match engine will show the game, and a tick means it will show result only.
How do I change the training schedule?
You can either have the coach automatically choose the training schedule, or you can select it on your own. This can be changed by opening the Hub and selecting the Coach tab and going to the Training option. To change the schedule manually you need to tap the tick next to the box that says “Auto Control”, this will allow you to tap on the boxes in each of the different categories of players and pick and choose a specific training schedule.
How do I exit the game?
This can be done going to the Options tab in the Hub and tapping on Exit Game.
How do I go to the next day?
This is done by going to the Home section. It is the default screen but can be selected by pressing the Hub button, and going to the Home tab and tapping on the home option on the right. This will open the Home screen, which has all new information regarding your club, dialogues with the chairman and other clubs. Some information must be confirmed by clicking on the confirm button in the bottom right of the screen. Once all news items have been dealt with you progress to the next day tap on the next day button in the bottom right. The date in the top left will change to indicate you have moved on to the next day.
How do I look at my player's Stats?
To look at a player’s Stats you need to double tap on your player’s name. This will bring up the Player Fact File. Click on the tab at the bottom called “Attributes” and you will see all the player’s stats.
How do I look for free transfer players?
You find players which are on a free transfer by going to the Player Search option in the Manager tab and changing the Status to free.
How do I look to see how long one of my players will be injured for?
You can check this by going to the Physio tab in the Hub, then selecting the Physiotherapy option. This shows you a list of the players who are currently injured. You then tap on the box above their name and it will tell you the duration of their injury at the bottom of the screen.
How do I release a player from my team?
This is another option in the sub menu of the player. Open the player Fact File by double tapping on their name. Once in the Fact File tap and hold on their underlined name at the top of the screen and select Release.
How do I research another team's player stats?
This is done by double tapping on a Team name, opening the team Fact File and going to the squad list. Scroll to the desired player and double tap his name to open the player Fact File then go to the Attributes tab at the bottom of the screen. Note that it takes time to research player stats.
How do I swap players in and out of my starting line up?
You can change your starting line up in two places. Either from the Hub, Manager and Tactics screen or from the Tactic tab during a match. Find the player in the list you want to swap with another squad member and swipe your finger fully across the player’s row from left to right. Once the player is selected he is highlighted in orange. Then to change the selected player with another, you simply locate the player wish to bring in and swipe across his row to make the substitution, the second player will be highlighted in green and the change will be made. To cancel a highlight swipe back the players name and the highlight will be removed.
How do I transfer list a player?
You open a Players Fact File by double tapping on their name in any of the menus in the Match or Tactics tab. Once the Fact File is open you need to tap and hold on their underlined name at the top of the screen. Then tapping Transfer List at the top of the sub menu will alert other teams that the player is transfer listed and available for sale.
How do I try and loan a player from another team?
This is done by double tapping on a team’s name, opening the team Fact File and going to the squad list. Locate the desired player and double tap to open the player Fact File. Tap and hold on their highlighted name in the top right of the screen and this will give you the option to loan the player. The dialogue with the team of the player you are dealing with will come through in a few days.
How do I upgrade my facilities?
You upgrade the Stadium by going to the Hub and selecting Stadium. Here you can repair your current Stadium or select the Build tab to upgrade you Stadium. Once you have selected which facility you want to build double tap it in the list and select Purchase. To upgrade you Training Centre go to the Hub and select Couch, then Training Centre. Here you can also repair you existing facility or upgrade. To upgrade your Medical Centre go to the Hub and select Physio, then Medical Centre. Here you can also repair your existing facility or upgrade. Note: To upgrade any facilities you have to have both the required level and enough money to build it.
I am in the Tactics section and my Unity is low? How do I change this?
Team unity is changed by playing players in their correct position and in the formation they are trained in. Once a team has played in a certain formation for a while they will become accustomed to it and the unity will go up. A player’s Unity depends on how long he has been at the club, if he speaks the same language as his team mates, if he is playing in the right position, his fitness level and his morale and the Unity of the players around him. All players in a team contribute to the overall Unity so if one player’s Unity is out of sync this will have an effect on others around him. The more players who’s Unity level is low the less Unity the overall team will have. For example if you play a Left Winger at Left Back his Unity will drop because he is playing slightly out of position. The Unity of the Keeper will also drop because he is less confident that the Left Back is the right person. The Unity of the Centre Back’s will also be affected as they are playing with a player not in the right position. Any player who’s Unity is not 100% will have an effect on other players in the team so by playing just one or two players out of position, or playing players with low morale, the Unity of the whole team can be affected.
I am looking at a player in another team’s stats but only three of the boxes have any information?
The stats are not shown because this player has not been researched yet.
In the Player Search area how do I change the search options?
Open the Hub and select the Manager Tab and tap on the Player Search option, you can then change the players displayed by selecting the filter button in the bottom right. Once the filter screen is opened you can change the search to look for different positions, value, nationality, status and age.
My coach is not gaining levels? What is he doing wrong?
Staff gain levels over time after they complete tasks. If you have selected to decide the coaches training schedule yourself the coach will level up slower than if they are deciding it themselves.
What happens if I start a new game? Will my old game still be there?
No, if you start a new game and then save it the previous game save is overwritten.