Frequently Asked Questions

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Pinch 2

How do I collect stars?
Simply drag a Norb over a star to collect it.
How do I interact with obstacles and objects, like Chutes and Barriers?
Norbs will automatically interact with stuff like this when they get close enough, so be careful!
How do I merge the Norbs?
Anytime a Norb gets close to another Norb, they will merge (up to a maximum of 5 norbs in 1).
How do I move the Norbs?
It’s simple. Just touch, drag them to where you want them, and release!
How do I split the Norbs?
There are two ways to split them. You can either double-tap a Norb and it will split, or you can ‘Pinch’ them apart.
This level seems impossible! Can I really complete it?
Yes, every level in Pinch can be fully completed. It’s a notoriously tough game though, so good luck!