Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I play Jambo in other languages other than mine?
Absolutely. If you know a bit of Spanish, for example, it's fun to try and guess Spanish Jambo. In the worse case, you'll learn some words and laugh a bit. Just take into account that movies titles can change a lot from language to language.
Can I play Jambo of a single category?
Of course. When in the play screen, you can filter the different categories in the upper section.
How can I share a Jambo?
You can share a Jambo through the SHARE button. You can post it on Facebook, Twitter and all the major social nets around. The shared Jambo won't include the solution, so your friends in the net can play and guess the Jambo as well. Soon, we will offer the option to send a Jambo to a friend that already has the app.
How many Jambo are there in the game?
They grow as we speak! Jambo are created by the users, so they will always grow. When you select a language, you'll see in the main screen the overall number of Jambo created by users for that language.
I drew some Jambo. Where are they?
You can check the MY JAMBO section to watch your Jambo. You will know how many times they have been served and how many people guessed them right. You can also share your Jambo with your friends.
I found an offensive Jambo.
If you think a Jambo contains offensive material, or the answer is wrong or contains big spelling mistakes, you can press the REPORT JAMBO button. The Jambo will never be served to you again. The moment a Jambo has more than a certain number of reports, it will be automatically banned and put in a black list until an Administrator checks it.
I passed a Jambo and the game didn't tell me the answer!
Hey, no one said it was going to be easy! If you want to know the answer of a Jambo, solve it! Hint points are your friends!
I want to create a lot of Jambo. Some hints?
In the creation area, you can create as many Jambo as you want (in the premium version). You need to specify the category (a place, entertainment, society) and a subcategory ( a city, a movie, a person, etc...) and provide the answer. Be careful when you write the solution. Try to think how people will best guess your draw. For example, "Robert de Niro" is better than "Bobby de Niro". Try to use the most universal option for your answer! Try not to be too local. Not everyone will know the very small town "Maçanet de la Selva" where you spend your holidays!
I'm stuck in a Jambo!
You can use HINT POINTS if you're stuck in a Jambo. The first level of hints will reveal the letters and words that compose the answer. The second level of hints will reveal some words. The third and last level of hints will reveal all the vowels in the answer. If you can't solve a Jambo and simply want to move to another one, you can always give up and pass, losing your multiplier.
Sometimes the game offers me Jambo I had already solved!
Yes, that may happen now and then. Due to server limitations, we only store the reference of the last 1.000 Jambo you played.
What are your plans for the future?
We will add some twisted competitive modes soon, so stay tuned and spread the word!
What tools do I have to draw a Jambo?
You can use up to 4 cards. So plan ahead how many will you need. We didn't add more drawing tools because we want people to concentrate on visual concepts rather than drawing skills. Try to be smart and simple. You can draw CLINT EASTWOOD using "clean", "east" and "wood" representations, for example. Or simply draw a Poncho and ask for the actor. Jambo works at all those levels. Once you're drawing, try to be simple and clear. Colorful Jambo look better.
What's the difference between POINTS and HINT POINTS?
You get points by solving Jambo. If you get it right at first try, you will up a point multiplier. You will lose the multiplier if you do a mistake or pass a Jambo. HINT POINTS are harder to achieve. You will achieve HINT POINTS faster if you chain Jambo at first try or do solve them quickly. You can also buy HINT POINTS in our store.
What's the goal of the game?
Jambo is a game which goal is to offer entertainment to casual users. It's based on riddles we call Jambo. There are two main areas in the game: solving Jambo and creating Jambo. You can play both modes alone or with friends. Soon we will offer an update that will add multiplayer competitive modes. Stay tuned!