Frequently Asked Questions

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Grumble & Piccolo's Fishing Trip

Are there cheats in this game? How do I get to them?
Sorry, there are no cheat codes in Grumble & Piccolos Fishing Trip.
Can I make the game run faster on my phone?
Yes. Try the switch in the top right corner of the main menu. The game is default to run on faster phones which is denoted by the Eagle icon. Switch it to the snail icon to suit slower phones. If the game detects that Fishing Trip is running slowly on your phone then it will automatically switch to 'snail mode'. Please note that part of this optimisation includes switching off the in-game music. Return to the main menu and switch back to the Eagle to hear the music again.
How do I catch creatures that are hiding in caves?
Blast them out! Use gadgets to destroy the rocks surrounding them. Once exposed the creatures can be matched and caught as normal.
How do I catch the fish?
You catch fish by switching the fish around to line up 3 or more similar fish into horizontal or vertical rows. Once all the creatures of a certain variety are caught their image will be removed from the catch list. You can still collect these creatures but the boss will not pay for over-catch beyond the prearranged quantities.
How do I get to see the instructions for the game?
Select “Help” from the main menu.
How do I know what the customers want me to catch?
Images of the fish required for the day are shown in the catch list which is displayed in the top middle of the screen. The quantity required of each individual fish is displayed next to them.
How do I pause the game?
Press the pause button on the anchor in the top left corner of the screen. This will bring up the pause menu with options to continue, restart the level or return to the map screen.
How do I pick up from where I left?
You can continue the game where you left by selecting “Play” from the main menu. The last day you played is automatically selected from the map.
How do I start the game?
Launch the game and select “Play” from main menu. There are 4 maps each with 9 days to play but at game start only Day 1 on the first ‘The Keys’ map will be unlocked and playable.
How do I turn the sound off?
Click the radio in the top left hand corner of the main menu.
How do I use these gadgets?
To use a gadget drag it from the inventory and place it in the lobster pot above the column you want to drop into. Once any creatures are matched in that column the gadget will fall into the water, eventually making its way to the bottom unless it is activated by the player touching it. Simply touch the Power Net and Aqua Grab to activate them or slide the Electro Zap towards the creature you want to catch. Gadgets are mostly used to catch fish but they can also be used tactically to destroy mines and remove wreckage from the water.
I can’t find anything to catch!
Look for the bubbles as they note positions of possible matches.
What about the sea mines?
Sea-mines must be kept apart because if they touch the explosion will sink the fishing boat signaling game-over for the day. As the duo need to start exploring more dangerous fishing locations more and more sea mines will be discovered. Luckily Piccolo has invented a warning alarm which sounds when two mines come close to one another. Be sure to listen out for this.
What do I do with fish trapped in ice cubes?
Smash the ice using gadgets to prevent them from slipping through the nets. Once the ice has been broken you can catch them as normal.
What does each gadget do when triggered?
• Power Net – Touch the Power Net to launch a net which captures all surrounding creatures in a 3x3 block. • Aqua Grab – Touch the aqua Zap to propel razor sharp grabbers outwards to catch all fish in that row and column. • Electro Zap - Swap the zapper with an adjacent creature to electrocute and capture all creatures of that kind in the sea.
What does the clock mean in the upper left corner of the screen?
It shows the time you have left for the current day. When the clock reaches zero it will be dark meaning no more fishing can take place. The aim is to complete the days catch before the time runs out.
What if I catch more than 3 fish in one go?
Then you earn bonus fishing gadgets which are shown in the inventory in the top right hand side of the screen. There are 3 types of gadgets and they can be used to help you catch fish faster. • Match 4 creatures in a row to earn a Power Net. • Match 5 creatures in an L or T shape to be awarded the fearsome Aqua Grab. • Match 5 creatures in a row to be awarded the Electro Zap, the ultimate creature catching device.
What is a recast and how do I use it?
A recast is triggered by pressing the pulley button just below and right of the timer. It pulls the net from the water and recasts it in a different area in the hope of catching different fish. Try it if you are stuck for matches. If there is a gadget in a lobster pot it will also drop it into the water. Take advantage of this to place gadgets on the sea bed exactly where you want them.
What is my objective in this game?
Each day the duo go fishing in order to satisfy the appetite of a variety of boss characters ranging from Vanessa a greedy Pelican to a ravenous Killer Whale named Kilo. Each of the ‘boss’ characters sets them a task of catching a particular amount and variety of creatures to be bought home before sunset in return for pay.
When does the game end?
The game ends when you have played all the levels to at least a 1 star completion.
Why can’t I play all the days on the map?
As you play the game your completed fishing days are unlocked allowing you can replay them and attempt to increase your score. You need to finish a day with a 1 star rating to unlock the next day. Once all 9 days on a map are complete a new map location is unlocked. Finish all levels to the 3 star level for the ultimate challenge.