Frequently Asked Questions

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Drag Tag Smash

How do I get big scores in the trillions?
Tag as many enemies you can before the blaster automatically smashes them, and keep your blaster alive by smashing enemies to regain health. The more enemies you tag and smash, the more likely a power-up will appear for your blaster. If you manage to get your blaster powered up to maximum, then focus on an advance technique called ‘Rinsing’, where you move the blaster from left to right non-stop, filling the screen with bullets, making sure that all enemies are tagged the moment they appear. If you can keep this going, you can get your score into the trillions!
How do I keep the blaster alive as long as possible?
The enemies will try and destroy the blaster using a number of abilities at their disposal. They will fire upon the blaster with energy orbs, which gets more aggressive the further you get through the game. They will then attempt to suicide dive onto the blaster in waves and this gets more aggressive too, the further you get into the game. You can however regain health for the blaster when you successfully catch the sphere after you have tagged and smashed enemies. The more enemies you have tagged and smashed, the more health you will regain.
How do I launch the sphere?
Double tap on the screen and the sphere will launch
How do I score in the game?
Direct the sphere into enemy gaps and drag it so that it tags enemies. This then creates a ‘tag combo’. Then catch the sphere with the Blaster after you have tagged enemies, to get a tag combo score and replenish Blaster health too. High Tags = High Scores. Don't drop the sphere or you lose your tag combo and the chance to regain health.
How do I ‘drag’ the Blaster?
Using your finger, tap and hold it over the blaster and swipe left and right
How do I ‘Smash’ an enemy?
The blaster does this automatically in time with the music. When the music hits its 4th beat, the blaster sends out a pulse automatically, which ‘smashes’ any tagged enemies
How do I ‘Tag’ an enemy?
Simply drag the blaster so the sphere touches an enemy. When it does it is ‘Tagged’, ready to explode
How many power-ups are there and what do they do?
There are 6 in total Zapper - Fires out a small stream of bullets Zeo Zapper – Fires a more rapid stream of bullets Phaser – Fires out 3 heavy streams of bullets Master Blaster – Fires out 5 huge streams of bullets Ghost Blaster – Creates a cloned ghost of the blaster, complete with power ups Bug Blaster – A fabled and rare power up which has score altering abilities...