Frequently Asked Questions

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Clumsy Pirates

Are the bubbles limited?
Yes, there is a limited number of bubbles, they appear at the top middle of the screen while playing.
Can I beat a level without grabbing the three gold doubloons?
Yes you can, but to unlock other ships you must collect the amount of gold doubloons required for that ship.
Can I place a bubble in the fire?
Yes, but the bomb is going to explode if you touch the fire. It is important to extinguish the fire with the water bottles. Sometimes you can go through the fire if you use the steam that gives a boost to the bubble as it rises
Can I place a bubble on a ladder or a hole?
Yes, you can place a bubble anywhere except on the top floor.
Can I place two consecutive bubbles?
You can place all the consecutive bubbles you want.
How much time do I have to pass a level?
That depends on the level you are playing and the difficulty of it. The time is represented by the fire moving towards the bomb in the right side of the game screen.
I have a lite version of the game, how I can get the full version of Clumsy Pirates?
The game has included that option as an in-app purchase, where you can buy the full game version. Also you can buy the Gold version in the app store.
What is the objective of Clumsy Pirates?
The objective is to solve how to get to the upper deck of the ship to throw the bomb out in the shortest time possible avoiding its explosion.
What is the use of the gold doubloons?
You have to collect them to unlock new worlds and levels. The amount of golden doubloons is displayed in the worlds when they have a lock on.