Frequently Asked Questions

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Cave Diver

How do I check my scores?
Your high score and pearls collected for each level can be found on the level buttons in the Go Diving menu. You can also find your friends and your own high scores on the leaderboards.
How do I control the Diver?
Simply press the left side of the screen to swim upwards and press the right side of the screen to swim downwards. Press both sides of the screen simultaneously to make the diver stop.
How do I get a higher score?
Collect all 3 pearls and as many golden doubloons as possible to increase your score.
How do I unlock levels?
Reach the end of the level and make it out of the cave alive to unlock the next level.
How many pearls are in every level?
Each level contains 3 pearls to collect.
What are gold doubloons used for?
Collect gold doubloons to increase your score.