Frequently Asked Questions

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Bounders World

How do I control Bounder?
Use the tilt left and right to move Bounder across the playing area. Use back & forward tilt to speed him up or slow him down. The fast he goes the further he can bounce.
How do I use funnels?
Use the funnels to move to different areas of the level to try to complete it. Funnels will tele-port Bounder forwards or backward depending on which end he enters.
What are gold coins for?
On every level there is a gold coin to collect to increase you score and Star Rating for the level.
What are target levels about?
In a Target level try to land on as many targets as possible. The "?" will increase your score.
What do I do in demolition levels?
In a Demolition level the idea is to land on as many building as possible to get the best score. The "?" tile will increase your score.
What should I do on Star levels?
In a Star level collect as many of the stars as possible. There are "?" tiles to earn extra points if you land of them.